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Monday, December 7, 2009

Running Hexworkshop with Wine

Another indispensable BIOS modification tool is Hexworkshop. Well, there are lots of binary file editor in Linux but none of them lives up to Hexworkshop feature sets and ease of use yet (at least based on my experience).  

Fortunately, it works just fine under wine albeit sometimes with noticeable--but not distracting--slowdowns. Here is the screenshot of Hexworkshop 

Anyway, the difference between the AMI BIOS tools and Hexworkshop, lies in their installation method. You have to "install" Hexworkshop to wine (by using the winefile utility or other similar means) prior to using it, while AMI BIOS tools are just fine to invoke directly from the shell, such as:

pinczakko@opusera:~/work_in_progress$ wine AMIBCP_V3.37.exe
That's it. Now, I can mess with AMI BIOS file in Linux.
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Unknown said...

hex workshop is a good software
like aae and ps
but r hex can tchange bios system color ???