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Monday, December 7, 2009

AMI BIOS Modification in Linux

Since I have a rather weird 3G modem that doesn't work correctly in Windows, I have to use Linux (x86_64) to get online. This is a drawback when I want to do some BIOS modification, until just now. I experimented with Windows AMI BIOS tools recently in my Slamd64 Linux installation with wine. The result is promising. The BIOS binary produced by the AMI BIOS tools runs just fine, equal to modifying the BIOS in Windows. Well, there is some warning of unimplemented filename related API when I run MMTOOL but overall, it works just fine.

Below is AMIBCP screenshot running under wine in Linux

Below is the screenshot of MMTOOL running under wine in Linux

Perhaps, you noticed the weird font rendering. Well, I can't get the font right yet on applications running under wine in my system.

So, now I can do BIOS modification in Linux (at least AMIBIOS) without having to resort to the "painful" Windows installation in my machine. 

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