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Monday, March 15, 2010

Award BIOS "support" for DLL Reversed

Just finished new article which reveal the inner working of DLL "support" in recent Award BIOS: Pinczakko's Guide to Reversing Award BIOS DLL "Support".

Friday, March 12, 2010

Using Modbin6 in Linux

You can use the wineconsole application to run a console BIOS utility such as modbin6 in Linux. Wineconsole is part of Wine. Now, let's see an example. Let say, I have installed Wine and I want to run modbin6 from my home directory (which should already contain the modbin6 executable), I would invoke it like this:
pinczakko@opusera:~/$ wineconsole MODBIN6.EXE
This is how the snapshot of the console which is spawned by the command above: Now, you can use the spawned console (which already runs modbin6) to navigate to the BIOS binary which you want to edit. Note that the path to the binary will default to "C:\" in wineconsole which would be in your wine "home directory". In my case the wine "home directory" is at ~/.wine and drive C in that directory is at ~/.wine/drive_c. Therefore, if you want to place the BIOS binary which you want to edit in drive C (C:\), you should copy the biary over to your drive_c directory, which is in my case at ~/.wine/drive_c. Below is the screen shot from a running Modbin6 in wineconsole. That's it. Now you should be able to work with modbin6 in linux.