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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Long Silence and News on the Second Edition Book

Hi guys. It's been a very long silence since March. Well, real life got in the way. I was busy with a middleware project and the need to learn from scratch made it very difficult to allocate time for the BIOS research. Well, now I'm back researching BIOS again full-throttle at least 3 days per week. Therefore, the book content would be coming in the coming weeks hopefully. I have several semi-official works in BIOS baking in the kitchen. You will see some of it in the new book. Just FYI, the first book took 5 years for the research because I'm complete noob in (believe it or not) computer. Not just programming but using computer as well. It took several years just to learn to write Windows Device Drivers for experiments. Certainly a lot has changed since those years. Therefore, several months of research I think would be sufficient this time around as long as I can keep my "mood level" and "focus" to finish this one. Thanks for the suggestions in my post from last March. I'm preparing a reworked ToC to accomodate those ideas. Regarding my plan to release the first edition of the book for free. I'm still doing some cautious reading on the contract to see whether it will violate my contract or not. Actually, I stopped receiving royalties in mid-2010. However, I don't want to violate any IP transferred to my publisher as per the contract.
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Anonymous said...

Really looking forward to it. You are one of very few people in my 20 years of computers that I really idealize, up there with Dan Bernstein and a few more. You are self-taught, with an initiative and focus second to nobody, and that deserves serious respect. Keep doing what you're doing, and please don't let life get in the way of what you do – as it often can, and seemingly must.

From a fan, to a legend.. you keep hope alive. :)


Darmawan Salihun said...

Hi, thanks. Well, I feel indebted to the "informal" community developed by the publication of the first edition book. I kept dragging the second edition book too far behind. Despite all of the odds, I kept working on the materials as I could. Hopefully this time around the progress gets much better.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward for this book!
Thanks you!

Anonymous said...

Hi Darmawan,
Better yet, if you could release the pdf copy of the book along with hardcopy?